Adavntages and comparative

  • Economic savings. The savings generated by an evaporative air cooler takes place at all stages of the process, from installation to energy consumption.
  • Easy Maintenance. The evaporative air cooler contains few components in its design, which means fewer parts that can malfunction and require expensive maintenance.
    It has no installation. The parts of an evaporative air conditioner are few and relatively easy to understand and install.
  • Low running cost. The electrical input of an evaporative air conditioner is minimal compared to traditional air conditioning systems.
  • Protection of health. Evaporative cooling technology constantly circulates the air in a house, bringing fresh air and cooling through the evaporation of the water and pushing the hot and flushed air.
  • Lower environmental impact. The evaporative cooling is totally ecological since it does not use any type of refrigerant gas (only a water supply from the mains is necessary for its operation).
  • Less noise generation. The acoustic impact is less than that generated by similar solutions, which also reduces the costs of soundproofing.
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