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The following troubleshooting guide is intended to answer the most common questions. If the problem persists, contact your Symphony provider or fill out the form on this website. Turn off the evaporative air conditioner before attempting to resolve any of the following symptoms.

General questions

One of the possible causes is that there is no power to the unit. This may be due to:

The fuse has blown;
The power outlet is damaged or disconnected;
The power switch is damaged;
The wiring is faulty.

Check the electric current and check that your switch works properly with other appliances.
– It may also be because the power you have contracted is too low. In this case you should contact your power company to increase the power.

It may be due to inadequate air extraction. To solve this, open doors and windows.
It may also be because:

The air filters are covered;
The distributor holes are clogged;
The filters have large dry sections.

To solve this problem, check the water distribution system:

Clean or replace filters.
Clean the distributor holes.
Make sure the appliance is level and check the water level

This happens because the ventilation of the air is not adequate. Open doors and windows to increase ventilation.

It may be because the outside humidity level is too high or it is raining. In this case, use the cooler as a fan (pump off) until the humidity level has been reduced in the room.

– It can also happen because the filters are moldy or covered. It is time to change them.

– If you see that the filters are partially dry before turning on the cooler, turn the pump on before starting the engine.

– You may also notice a strange smell when the filters are new. It will disappear after first use. Drain the water to make the bad odor disappear sooner.

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