Evaporative Air Cooler

Symphony DIET 35 with Technology I-Pure.

Performance, style and intelligence are united in the DIET 35i air cooler. This air cooler model is extremely energy efficient, consuming only 170 watts. It has remote control and, most importantly, the only Air Cooler / Purifier in the world.

The perfect climate for a smart home.

  • For room up to 35m2
  • Caudal 1750m3 / hour
  • 35 liter water tank


Technical specifications Diet 35 i

For rooms up to (m2 / tf2)35
Blower / fansoplador
Blower / fan diameter (MM / INCH)180 / 7
Speed control3
wattage (230V / 50HZ)170
wattage (220V / 60HZ)185
wattage (110V / 60HZ)185
Tank capacity (up to brim / liters)35
i-pure tecnologySI
remote controlSI
auto louver movementSI
cool flow dispenserNO
empty tank alarmSI
cooling media honeycombHoneycomb
product dimensions (mm) length363
product dimensions (mm) breadth360
product dimensions (mm) height1125
carton dimensions (mm) length430
carton dimensions (mm) breadth414
carton dimensions (mm) height1155
product weight (kg)9.5
product weight including packaging (kg)12.5
Number of units per 40ft hc container416
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